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Programming Society, Health and Economics

Monday, May 17th 2021

*Canary Islands Time GMT/ UTC+0

  • 14:00 Opening Act
    • Lola García Martínez, 1st Vicepresident and Councillor of Presidency, Planning, Finance, Economic Promotion and Environmental Management of the Island Council of Fuerteventura
    • Carlos David Gutierrez Robaina, Director of AFRIMAC 2. Fuerteventura island council
    • Virginia Sanz Sánchez, Grant Manager COST ACTION CA16227, Secretary and Treasurer IMAAC NEXT SCIENTIFIC ASSOCIATION
    • Peyman Ghaffari, Chair of COST ACTION 16227

  • 14:30 Socio-economic and health-related issues of a vector-borne disease: Urinary Schistosomiasis
    • Médina Ndoye, Urological surgeon at Grand Yoff General hospital in Dakar Senegal

  • 15:00 Malaria in Nigeria: current situation and how to improve it
    • Miracle Amadi, Lappeenranta University of Technology

  • 15:30 Combatting malaria a mosquito born disease responsible for most deaths of children
    • Sveinbjörn Gizurarson, Professor in Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Toxicology, University of Iceland

  • 16:00 The All Hazards Hospital: A scalable medical solution for disasters that overwhelm hospital capacity
    • Miller L. Heath
    • Dennis T. Brown, Kennesaw State University
    • Jeannine Erquitt-Daniel, Baroness, Chief Executive Manager 3 Women Wired

  • 16:30 A Digital Twin of a Compartmental Epidemiological Model based on a Stieltjes Differential Equation
    • Iván Area Carracedo
    • Francisco J. Rodriguez
    • Juan J. Nieto
    • F. Adrián F. Tojo

Tuesday, May 18th 2021

*Canary Islands Time GMT/ UTC+0

  • 14:00 Presentation of IMAAC & IMAAC-NEXT
    • Peyman Ghaffari, Chair of COST Action 16227

  • 14:30 High energy physics research at CERN: transfer of methods and technology for fighting diseases and pandemics
    • Katerina Zachariadou, University of West Attica
    • Elvira Anisenko, State University of Arizona
    • Peyman Ghaffari, Chair of COST Action 16227

  • 15:00 (Re-)Emerging epidemic preparedness and response
    • Dra. Ana Riviere-Cinnamond, Advisor in Data Management, Analytics and Products Health Emergency Department PAHO/WHO

  • 15:30 Vector Control is Important!
    • Dr. Haroldo Bezerra, Advisor in Public Health Entomology Neglected, Tropical and Vector Borne Diseases Unit; Communicable Diseases and Environmental Determinants of Health Department PAHO/WHO

  • 16:00 Education about vector mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases and its impact on economics.
    • Rui-de Xue, Anastasia mosquito control association

  • 16:30 Impact of Covid-19 pandemic on vector-borne diseases and mosquito control in Albania
    • Elton Rogozi, PhD – Doctor of Science, Medical Entomologist, Institute of Public Health, Tirana, Albania.

  • 17:00 Cooperative alliance for the development a strategic action plan in Africa
    • Carlos David Gutierrez Robaina, Director of AFRIMAC 2. Fuerteventura Island Council

Wednesday, May 19th 2021

*Canary Islands Time GMT/ UTC+0

  • 14:00 Fiction as a scientific method
    • Bénédicte Letellier, Vice-President Centre International Recherche Etudes Transdisciplinaires, University of Réunion

  • 14:30 Islands of science
    • Jose Carlos Tiago de Oliveira, Philosophy of Sciences Center UNESCO Chair "Intangible Heritage"

  • 15:00 Modeling insects and viruses by Cellular Automata and Petri Nets
    • Dmitry Zaitsev, Odessa State Environmental University

  • 15:30 Natural repellents for Zika mosquitoes-treating textiles and paint for walls with Immortelle oil
    • Ana Marija Grancaric, Full Professor of Textile Chemistry, University of Zagreb, Croatia
    • L. Botteri
    • P. Ghaffari
    • M. Sadikovic

  • 16:00 Economic burden for personal protection measures for dengue
    • H. Sofia Rodrigues, Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo

  • 16:30 Two-strain host-vector dengue modelling: dynamics and control
    • Bob W. Kooi, Faculty of Science, VU University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    • Peter Rashkov, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria
    • Ezio Venturino, Department of Mathematics ``Giuseppe Peano'', University of Turin, Turin, Italy

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